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JEAN-CLAUDE GERARD KOVEN is one of those rare, independent, and adventurous free spirits who successfully combines practical enterprise and cosmic mystery. He is a featured weekly columnist for the United Press International (UPI) Religion and Spirituality Forum. His articles appear in hundreds of magazines and web sites throughout the world and he is a frequent speaker at Body, Mind, Spirit Expos and other metaphysical events.

Jean-Claude's abiding love of the mystery of Creation sent him around the world on a relentless quest to learn from a host of extraordinary masters both on and beyond this plane of existence. Over the years, he's studied with spiritual masters and led awareness-expanding workshops on six continents. What he saw and realized along the way informs his unique perspective and imbues his writing with uncommon love, power, and wisdom. His seminal book, Going Deeper has been awarded the Best Metaphysical Book of the Year prize by both Allbooks Reviews and USA BookNews.

Jean-Claude lives in Rancho Mirage, California with his wife, Arianne, and Zeus—a fifteen-inch-high dog of undetermined pedigree who sits in constant meditation on his desk, offering support and unconditional love . . . as only a stuffed animal can.